Gretsch Fall Classic | Saturday, October 21, 2017 | Athens, GA

Anne and I welcome you to our “Gretsch Fall Classic!” It’s absolutely our favorite time of year here in Georgia! After the long hot days of summer, we welcome the cool refreshing air of October! Our Angus herd has continued to grow in both numbers and quality, and we look forward to sharing the fruits of our harvest! By adding a spring calving herd to our program we have been able to offer an exciting set of two year old bulls to our fall offering. We have had so many people say that their breeding program starts at Thanksgiving and that they needed our genetics prior to that. These fall calving herds often breed heifers by the first of November, so an October 21rst sale meets those needs! You will be excited to see that we have a top cut of embryo transfer and A.I sired bulls in our line up! There is nothing more majestic than a big rugged powerful Angus bull, and we have a large selection to choose from!

Our cup runneth (a true southern word) over in the female department! We have selected a beautiful group of females out of the heart of our program! With the use of embryo transfer and the help of our fine cooperators, our herd has grown beyond capacity. The advantage of these great breeding tools is that we are able to offer our finest females, and still be able to maintain the cutting edge quality we need moving forward. You’ll love the pairings of sire groups in our open heifers. We have selected powerful females out of each class of cattle, and we let the cows speak for themselves! After many years in the Angus business we have learned to select for cattle that work well in the Southeastern Cow Calf country. Cattle that can handle the heat, humidity, and ever changing moisture conditions and the ranchers that manages them!

Come break bread with us and help us enjoy our harvest!

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